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Rezaamiriarch Rezaamiriarch 6 tenpo mun pi nanpa tu wan

Interior design of the villa

Villa interior design Interior decoration evim shahane We design a luxurious and unique interior space in which beauty is observed with the efficiency of creating a comfortable space. Through excellent planning and precision, our interior designers try to meet the needs of the customer in An optimal time frame, and quality design offer, is known. Our design office is one of the top and most competitive villa design companies in Iran, we offer residential design as well as residential architectural design, our projects include luxury villa design (bathroom, bedroom interior, kitchen, lobby entrance, The interior of the house, the family living room, the planning of the exterior design of the villa and the garden landscape design, the design…

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Rezaamiriarch Rezaamiriarch 6 tenpo mun pi nanpa tu wan


Villa design principles Villa design principles Modern villa with smart villa design Smart homes are a good description for this modern house. Villa design example is located on the south coast of Spain. Take a look at how the 123DV office created the 21st century luxury home. Designing a duplex villa Designing a smart villa An architectural office in Tehran based in a modern villa, 123DV, has created a "great blue villa", designing a modern duplex villa for a holiday located in Marbella, Spain. Marbella is a seaside town in southern Spain, the design of a modern duplex villa located between Malaga and the Strait of Gibraltar, making it one of the most popular tourist cities on the Costa del Sol. Villa Design Principles The owners wanted t…

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NotHasnt NotHasnt 20 tenpo mun pi nanpa luka 2020


wan pi lipu ni li lili

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus condimentum ex quis fermentum aliquam.

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Jansegers Jansegers 4 tenpo mun pi nanpa luka luka wan 2019

jan sona li pana e sona pi toki pona lon tomo suli Uniwesita

TP courses at University


  1. Jacob Schwartz tenpo sike 2002
    # Jacob Schwartz tenpo sike 2003
    # Jacob Schwartz tenpo sike 2004
  1. Jacob Schwartz tenpo sike 2006
    # Jacob Schwartz tenpo sike 2007
  1. Leonid Chindelevitch tenpo sike 2008
    # Leonid Chindelevitch tenpo sike 2009
  1. Chelsea Voss tenpo sike 2012

# Seth Schoen tenpo sike 2010
# Seth Schoen tenpo sike 2011

# Samuel Brenner tenpo sike 2014

# Lluís de Yzaguirre and Nicolau Dols tenpo sike 2009

# Stéphane Borel tenpo sike 2014

Illes Balears
# Nicolau Dols and Xavier Margais and Elisabet Abeyà and Lluís Batlle sine dato

# Holden Lee tenpo sike 2018
# Holden Lee tenpo sike 2019

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Agusbou2015 Agusbou2015 1 tenpo mun pi nanpa luka luka tu 2018

Move this wiki to Miraheze

I propose to move this wiki to Miraheze because Wikia no longer resembles Wikipedia. I sent a request here: [1]. Agusbou2015 (talk) 02:20, tenpo mun pi nanpa luka luka tu 1, 2018 (UTC)

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