mi ken lukin e ali pi toki pona kepeken seme? o pana e sona sina lon ni kepeken toki Inli: Where is Toki Pona practically used? What can you do with Toki Pona? Add here in English.

This page is for supplementary use with the ISO-code application. Following the 2007 and 2017 rejected requests, the reason of the latter being that "Toki Pona does not appear to be used in a variety of domains nor for communication within a community which includes all ages," we hope Toki Pona will be recognised and assigned an ISO-code [tok].

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  • The Guardian 2015, What happened when I tried to learn Toki Pona in 48 hours using memes 
  • The Globe and Mail another link 2007, Canadian has people talking about lingo she created
  • The Atlantic 2015, How to Say (Almost) Everything in a Hundred-Word Language
  • Business Insider 2015, The world's smallest language has only 100 words — and you can say almost anything [republished from The Atlantic (2015) above]
  • The New Yorker 2012, Utopian for Beginners [TP only mentioned] 
  • Oxford Dictionaries 2018, Exploring Toki Pona: do we need more than 120 words? 
  • Termcoord 2016, The biggest or the smallest vocabulary? Everything will be ‘pona’! 
  • Redorbit 2015, Speak in a made-up language to feel better 
  • New Scientist 2015, Appy Talk  
  • Canada Institute of Linguistics 2018, What is a Language? 
  • The Irish Times 2018, Podcast of the week: The smallest language in the world 
  • Hawaii Public Radio 2017, The Nerdiest Languages You Need to Learn are Invented 
  • Times and Transcript 2007, Moncton native creates unique 'good language' 
  • Mental Floss 2015, In A Language With Only 123 Words, Less Is More 
  • Telegraph-Journal 2007, She's talking in a new tongue [reprinted from Times and Transcript (2007) above] 
  • Los Angeles Times 2007, In their own words -- literally [TP only a part of the article] 
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2007, Invented languages: They're not just for Klingons anymore [reprinted from Los Angeles Times (2007) above; TP only a part of the article] 
  • The Oddysey 2016, A 123-Word Language That Can Be Learned In Under A Week 
  • Antedote Toki Pona for Deeper Insights 
  • Medium 2015, July 23, 2015: Can a language survive with just 123 words? 
  • Medium 2018, aUI 2 Toki Pona [in French] 
  • Medium 2017, toki pona, “le langage du bien” [in French] 
  • Medium 2017, Lets talk about Abstractions 
  • Medium 2017, The Littlest Language: What you speak is what you think. Or is it the other way round? 
  • Medium 2017, Everything Changes in Time 
  • Schott's Vocab, The Opinion Pages in The New York Times; 2010, Questions Answered: Invented Languages [TP only mentioned] 
  • Unidivers (in French) 
  • Ulyces (in French) 
  • Sasapost (in Arabic) 
  • Focus (in Russian) 
  • Linguis (in Russian) 
  • Geektimes (in Russian) 
  • Naukablog (in Russian) 
  • Uczmysiejezykow (in Polish) 
  • Nyelv és Tudomány (in Hungarian) 

Interviews with Sonja Lang Edit

  • Allusionist (2015, Allusionist 25: Toki Pona, 20 minutes, interviewed by Helen Zaltzman)
  • Actual Fluency Podcast (2014, AFP 20 – Sonja Lang: Toki Pona, Conlanging and the meaning of life, 45 minutes, interviewed by Kris Broholm)
  • Skylarking, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CBC Radio Two. (2008, interviewed by André Alexis)
  • 3-60 Radio-Canada, Première Chaîne (Atlantique) (2007, 8 minutes, interview by Denis Robichaud, transcript translated to English by Sonja herself)
  • Le Réveil Radio-Canada, Première Chaîne (Atlantique) (2007, 13 minutes, interviewed by Michel Doucet, transcript translated to English by Sonja herself)
  • Sounds Like Canada Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CBC Radio One. (2007, 20 minutes, interviewed by Kevin Sylvester)
  • And Sometimes Y Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CBC Radio One. (2007, interviewed by Jane Farrow)

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  • LingvaFest (2018, polyglot festival in Bratislava, Slovakia; 2 Toki Pona Crash Courses by Václav Zouzalík)
  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (Toki Pona one-hour classes in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009)
  • kama sona pi toki pona lon ma Elopa (2015, 9 people from 5 countries met in the Czech Republic to enjoy studying and using the Toki Pona language together)
  • TokiPonathon, another link (2014, Actual Fluency meetup, 17 people tried to learn Toki Pona in 48 hours)
  • Summer Esperanto-School (2013, Toki Pona course)
  • International Youth Congress of Esperanto (IJK 2006, Sarajevo)
  • to a lesser degree Toki Pona is used in countless Esperanto meetings
  • workshop in Poland (2018/10/28)

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  • see Media–Books above

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  • Amikumu - an app for finding people nearby who speak the same language, with a focus on small and minority languages
    • Ages and Locations of TP speakers on Amikumu
    • Toki Pona is the 15th most spoken language there (March 2019, 432 speakers – 249 beginners, 121 intermediate, 55 advanced, 7 native)
  • Lichess - a site for playing chess with other people online
  • Wikipesija (partial Toki Pona interface) - a wiki-based encyclopedia in Toki Pona on many topics
  • Classic games in Toki Pona (including Zelda, Super Mario, Batman, Jaws)

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