Name of the city in Toki Pona[edit source]

I've changed the name from "jerusaleme" to "ma tomo Jelusalen". IMO it has to start with "ma tomo" and a capital letter; what comes next is a bit more open to suggestion.

On the whole, the official list of geographical names goes by local pronunciations, so something based on "Yerushalayim" would be best, but /ji/ is not allowed in Toki Pona, and the corresponding /i/ is not allowed word-internally AFAIK, so maybe "ma tomo Jelusalan" or "ma tomo Jelusalami"?

At any rate, "jerusaleme" does not work because (a) it starts with a lower-case letter but is not one of the 118 words and (b) it contains |r| which is not in Toki Pona. -- jan Pili 16:01, 2 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Capital letter - pona.

ma_tomo_... - pona, as ma_tomo_Lika etc, I agree with you.

about Jerusale'n': I've suggested Jerusaleme, because it's Latvian name for Yerushalaim. I know, this reason is not good enough :) ma tomo ni li jo e nimi mute: en:Names_of_Jerusalem. komap 19:51, 2 Jul 2004 (UTC)

I apologize, this text is definitely not in the right place - please edit/remove it if you feel this would be appropriate. I have edited the Hebrew version of the word to ירושלים, which is how it is supposed to be written. It previously lacked a letter and displayed two characters which do not belong to the Hebrew alphabet.

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