gs[o ante | edit source]

  • LingvaFest' (polyglot festival in Bratislava, Slovakia; Toki Pona splash courses)
  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (Toki Pona splash courses)
    • 2002 by Jacob Schwartz
    • 2003 by Jacob Schwartz
    • 2004 by Jacob Schwartz
    • 2006 by Jacob Schwartz
    • 2007 by Jacob Schwartz
    • 2008 by Leonid Chindelevitch
    • 2009 by Leonid Chindelevitch
    • 2012 by Chelsea Voss
  • kama sona pi toki pona lon ma Elopa (2015, 9 people from 5 countries met in the Czech Republic to enjoy studying and using the Toki Pona language together; video of a lecure about Czech history)
  • TokiPonathon, another link (2014, Actual Fluency meetup, 17 people tried to learn Toki Pona in 48 hours)
  • Summer Esperanto-School
    • 2013, Toki Pona course
  • Yale University (splash course about conlangs including Toki Pona)
  • Stanford University (Toki Pona splash courses)
    • 2010 by Seth Schoen, 1 participant
    • 2011 by Seth Schoen, 3 participants
  • Princeton University (Toki Pona splash courses)
    • 2018 by Holden Lee, 20 participants
    • 2019 by Holden Lee, 23 participants
  • International Youth Congress of Esperanto (IJK 2006, Sarajevo)
  • to a lesser degree Toki Pona is used in countless Esperanto meetings
  • workshop in Poland (2018/10/28)
  • Meetup in Dallas 2019/11/23, 11 participants? including Sonja; documentary from the meetup

Materials[o ante | edit source]

Toki Pona: The Language of Good (creator's book)[o ante | edit source]

  • see Media–Books above

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Software[o ante | edit source]

  • lon Weather program in Toki Pona.
  • ilo pona Software dictionary for Toki Pona.

Social Media, Chat rooms, and Forums[o ante | edit source]

Facebook[o ante | edit source]

  • Facebook group (toki pona) 4700+ members (July 2020; very active, posts from everyday life, posts concerning linguistic points of toki pona)
  • Facebook group (toki pona taso) 700+ members (July 2019; Toki Pona only, no English, very active, various posts from everyday life)
  • Facebook group (Learn Toki Pona) 1200+ members (July 2019)
  • Facebook group (Learn Useless Toki Pona) ~400 members (February 2020)
  • Facebook group (toki pona pi ma tomo Perlin - Berlin toki pona group) - 25 members (February 2020)
  • Facebook group (Toki Pona Türkiye - Turkish toki pona group)
  • Facebook group (Toki Pona Learner's Club)
  • Facebook group (sitelen Meme - meme group)

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Websites and blogs about Toki Pona[o ante | edit source]

Articles about Toki Pona on non-TP related websites and blogs[o ante | edit source]

  • sekadar semangka 2020. Sejarah Toki Pona (The History of Toki Pona in Indonesian)

Websites and blogs completely in Toki Pona[o ante | edit source]

Websites and apps with a Toki Pona interface[o ante | edit source]

Many other sites could have been here, but people refuse Toki Pona solely based on not having a language code.

  • Amikumu - an app for finding people nearby who speak the same language, with a focus on small and minority languages
    • Ages and Locations of TP speakers on Amikumu (February 2018)
    • Toki Pona is the 15th most spoken language there (July 2020, 610 speakers – 364 beginners, 160 intermediate, 79 advanced, 7 native)
  • Lichess - a site for playing chess with other people online
  • Wikipesija (partial Toki Pona interface) - a wiki-based encyclopedia in Toki Pona on many topics
  • DuckDuckGo has a TP interface translation.
  • Classic games in Toki Pona (including Zelda, Super Mario, Batman, Jaws)

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